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How Does this Work?

The best way to get a customized quote for your project is to call us at 732.902.9900 or Text us. You can also use the form on this page to get a quick quote. If you are unsure about the questions refer to the additional information on this page.

What size is your TV?

Please refer to your TV Box to find the TV Size. If you are unsure, please take a guess.

What type of surface is the TV being mounted to?

Typically all TV's are mounted to sheetrock, but in High-Rise buildings you will have Metal Studs instead of wooden studs. Please do you best to select the right now, If you are not sure, please select Drywall/Sheetrock and let us know.

Choose a Mount

Choose a mount you want for your TV. Here are the three types of mounts.

  • Tilt - Typical mount where the TV will remain straight and the tilt will allow up and down motion.
  • Tilt + Swivel - Best mount for most cases. This mount will allow you to turn the TV towards another part of the Room, usually for Dining Room/Living Room viewing.
  • Full 360 - Usually used for Businesses and are mounted to the ceilings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the installation normally take?

-The time of the installation usually depends on what type of installation you are having done and what kind of wall that you have. Sometimes people have unfinished basements that we can fish wires through. We usually aren't so lucky and have to crawl through attic space to fish wires through the walls. Please allow us atleast 3 hours before you can start watching anything.

Is it safe to mount a large screen plasma TV or LCD Screen on top of the fire place?

-This is usually a very common question. The answer to this question is YES! It is perfectly safe as long as you get your installtion done professionally; by someone that knows what they are doing. Fire places can be a tricky thing. The newer fire places are usually all "fake" and you have to turn the knob to light the fire place. Not like the old days where you go fetch some wood and burn a file. But than again, you were getting tv by an antenna in those days. Call us and we can talk more about this! =)

Where do you provide service? provides their services to all parts of New Jersey. We are proud to serve the Garden State for the past 20 years combined. We are a group of highly trained professionals that will go out of their way to satisfy all your installation needs.

Does the size of the lcd/plasma screen matter when you quote for an installation?

-Sometimes we charge extra because the price difference from our supplier. We try to get the best material at the least price when it comes to our brackets. If you already purchased a bracked than your price would be the same. We are fair when it comes to pricing. We are willing to beat any quote that you receive when it comes to TV Install. We are very fair with pricing and have very strong relationships with our dealers.

What do I need to do to prepare for the installation?

-As our client we ask you that you give us a safe working environment. If you have kids or pets we advise you to take them to another room so they are not in harms way. Our installers are fully trained and are courteous to your home and your belongings. Please have all materials that you have bougth set to one side so we don't have to call you everytime we need something.

Are all wires and materials included in the installation quote?

-Installation can be a trickey thing. You give someone a quote based on the information the client has provided. When you reach their home, it is not quite as you have expected. To avoid any miscommunication we are strictly sticking to our policy with this questions. "IF ITS NOT ON THE INVOICE, ITS NOT INCLUDED." We are usually very thorough when we invoice someone and this occassions hardly ever come up.

How soon can I expect someone to come out to perform my installation?

-The good thing about is that we only serve the State of New Jersey. We are free to you as soon as you call. Unlike these companies that take your orders sitting in Texas and hire someone local from here to do the job. We have a 1:1 relationship with all our installers. You can expect someone in less that 3-5 Days just because we have to order the materials for the job if needed to do so.

Will the Installers set up my DVD Player and my other peripherals?

-When we quote you, we will ask you all sorts of questions and give you a quote based on what you have told us. We will ask you specific questions about what is that you want done. than sends you over with all the services that we would be providing the day of the installation. If you choose to get something else done while the Installer is there, there will be additional charges applied to your invoice.

Commercial, Business or Government job?

-We do not charge extra for any of these jobs. You will only get charged additonal fees for the LCD TV or Plasma Television installtion services that are outsdie the original scope of work. Our installers are trained to ask questions and notify if any problems arise and need to be taken care of right away. If their are additional costs related to the work, you will be notified verbally before the work is completed.

Do you have any relocation deals, where If I move you move my tv for minimal cost?

-We acutally get a lot of business from past clients that have moved and want us to move their TV to their new house and have it re-installed. In the past we were giving 25% the labor price for any returning customers. We also took 25% off labor if it was a referral.

I need more information. Where do I call?

-Please feel free to contact us at any time! You can use the form that is location on the Contact Us page or you may simply call 732.902.9900